Wisma Chye Hin is strategically located in the vibrant Ipoh old town center, with a total foods and beverages plus retail space of 10,000 plus sq ft.

On the 1 Jan 2017, the new transformation commenced. The major renovation involved turning the  4 stories office Wisma Chye Hin building into new 5 stories, one of a kind retail experience where Indoor Mural Arts will be featured in every story of this  transformed building.

Wisma Chye Hin offers a complete IPOH's  First and Largest Indoor  Mural Arts Experience for the cosmopolitan taste of today‚Äôs discerning shoppers, family, visitors and the adventurous  minds.

There Is A Difference Between Knowing About Something And Experiencing It.
The Wisma Chye Hin Story 

Anyone who is reading this must have spent a few good childhood years collecting something or other.

Let us explain...

Essentially, the reason people collect to preserve a memory.

This is why at Wisma Chye Hin, Ipoh Old Town, through our own collection of indoor mural arts, we have recaptured the years between 1940s and 1960s.

This is the period that many who grew up in misses, and one that the younger generations had no opportunity to get to know about.

To do this, we recreated an indoor mural arts experience from that era for the older folk to relive their memories of the good ol' days and at the same time, for the younger people to appreciate the improved living standards of today.

Come and Experience. It's Free Admission

Wisma Chye Hin  (Ipoh Old Town Center)
No. 19 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
30000, Ipoh, Perak
West Malaysia

GPS Coordinates
Latitude : 4.5983395
Longtitude : 101.07850129999997.
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