Second Floor Wall Of Fame, Sun Cinema & Ipoh Old Town 1900's Mural Arts
Behind The Scene Video In Creating Wall Of Fame 
The Sun cinema was built by Stark and McNeil, in 1917, for Leong Eng Khean (the first son of Towkay Leong Fee). It was originally called the Oriental Cinema which from 1910 to 1917 had been sited in the leased Harima Hall in Anderson Road.

The new building in Brewster Road continued as the Oriental until it was leased out to Run Run Shaw (of the Shaw Brothers fame) in the 1920s. The Shaw brothers renamed it Sun Cinema.

The Sun Cinema was initially managed by Ho Ah Loke. It became the first cinema in Ipoh to show the “talkies” – which were movies with sound. The “talkie” movie ‘The Rainbow Man’ was shown on 24 November 1929, using a travelling movie company. Inspired by the success, Ho Ah Loke had his own equipment installed.

Thus by 1930, the Sun Cinema was the most modern “talkie” theatre in Malaya! Ho, an innovative manager, visited Singapore and obtained the rights to screen American movies in Ipoh – movies such as ‘Love Parade’, Sunny Side Up’ and ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

Later, British movies were also shown at Sun Cinema. In October 1932, Sun Cinema screened its first Malay “talkie”, titled ‘Dasima’; which had a cast of Malayan beauties as well has catchy kronchong music. Sadly, by the 70s, the Sun Cinema began to ‘fade’ as other cinemas became more popular.

In 1983, word was out that the cinema was to close down and was to be replaced by a multi storey complex. This never took off and in 2010 the plot is an ugly car park.

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Behind The Scene Video In Creating The Demolished Sun Cinema
Behind The Scene Video In Creating Ipoh Old Town 1900's 
Wisma Chye Hin  (Ipoh Old Town Center)
No. 19 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
30000, Ipoh, Perak
West Malaysia

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Latitude : 4.5983395
Longtitude : 101.07850129999997.
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